Ways To Make Your Instagram More Appealing

Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can take a photo on their phone, edit it, and post it on Instagram. However, the difference lies in creating value, attracting a new market segment, and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. And this is the goal of this article. We are looking to empower individuals and brands on how to capture the attention of possible followers through what they post on the social media platform.

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The use of filters

There are many things you didn’t know about Instagram. But the one thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise is the need to create perfectly balanced photos and images. When using smartphones or even highly-powered cameras, there is always that element that is not perfect in your photo.

To edit it out, utilize filters. Filters give you the opportunity to remove that ugly element that is changing the dynamics of your photos. However, don’t give your photos an unnatural/ ethereal look, unless that is the theme that you were aiming for from the start.

The importance of quality photos

While there are filters to use, we cannot take away the importance of quality photos. Invest in buying some quality equipment for your Instagram photos to give you a professional feel. Your photos must also go hand in hand with the theme of your overall page and layout.

You might be new to the platform and are wondering how best to appeal to your following. A little research might help in this. Look up the popular hashtags in your competitors’ pages. You can also check on the “Top Posts.”

Analyze the quality of photos and think of how you can deliver such quality and magnificence in your photos.

The dangers of self-promotion

As you walk down the streets of Instagram, it is quite easy to see a lot of self-promotion by influencers and brands. You will see a photo of the content creator or influencer followed by a post. And while they might have thousands of likes, there is a danger that lies in the promotion of self.

There is only so much you can post or write about yourself. While it might seem interesting at first, the audience will get tired of reading what you are doing or eating and remove themselves. If you want to connect with your audience, offer them a brand and give them an opportunity for them to the plugin. That way, they feel part of the journey.


They say if you don’t plan, you plan to fail. This advice applies to your Instagram feed and posts. You need to plan how content flows with the overall theme of your account, your audience’s needs, as well as major events and holidays of the year.