Metrofax Login and Review

What is Metrofax?

The Metrofax service is online software that lets you send, receive, store and manage your fax documents. It is an all-in-one platform that is ideal for businesses, big and small, who heavily depend upon fax machines to get their work done. It’s time to say goodbye to those overlarge, bulky contraptions and welcome the power of an online fax to your doorstep!

You can access your fax pages from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, Metrofax offers you real-time statistics of the information that is shared over their server.

How to Login in Metrofax?

The homepage of Metrofax isn’t as well-developed as we would like it to be, for there is hardly any information present on it. But we are here to help you perform a Metrofax login!

  1. Head over to the login page by clicking the ‘Login’ button at the bottom of the homepage.
  2. Type in your Login ID, which is your email address or fax number.
  3. Enter your unique password and ensure that all the details are correct.
  4. Hit the ‘Log In’ button and Voilà, you are entering the account page.

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If you have forgotten your Metrofax password, then simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.

Metrofax Login

  • Enter your Metrofax account number or email ID in the box provided.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will receive an email from Metrofax in a few minutes.
  • Open it to find an authorization code.
  • Type this code on the mail page that follows to recover your password to your Metrofax account.

Metrofax Short Review

In this fast-paced world where a quick chat over a social media platform is the way to go, Metrofax has preserved the rare, long-lost satisfaction that a fax document offers. It has found a way to go beyond the traditional fax machines to bring this abandoned mode of communication back as a thriving potential.

And people have embraced their efforts open-heartedly! You can check out the overwhelming range of positive Metrofax reviews on online forums and social media to grasp how far the company has come.

Once you log in to your account, you can send your faxes to other Metrofax users instantly from anywhere. Browse through your entire list of fax communications from the comforts of your home, or access that important new document from your laptop while traveling.

Admittedly, the Metrofax website needs a bit of work, especially on its homepage, but it more than makes up for it by giving you the highest level of security for the information shared on the portal!


We would love to see more features added to the Metrofax software in the future, but right now, we are pretty satisfied with the outcome. The website is completely secure, allows complex fax documents to be shared with your teams in a jiffy, and also contains an exclusive upgrade package for a reasonable fee.

However, if you still wish to know how to cancel Metrofax account despite all these great features, you will find the relevant link on your account page. However, do note that canceling your account will strip you off of the amazing benefits that Metrofax has to offer!