Ways To Make Your Instagram More Appealing

Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can take a photo on their phone, edit it, and post it on Instagram. However, the difference lies in creating value, attracting a new market segment, and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. And this is the goal of this article. We are looking to empower individuals and brands on how to capture the attention of possible followers through what they post on the social media platform.… Read more “Ways To Make Your Instagram More Appealing”

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is Best in 2021?

Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most important streaming services available today. Both have extensive song catalogs and are helpful when you want to discover new music. The major difference between the two is, on Spotify, you can follow artists, while on apple music, you no longer can. Spotify followers help artists get noticed by the app’s algorithm and feature more frequently on playlists. Comparing purchase prices, Spotify and Apple Music have the exact cost per month ($10), the same discount for students ($5), a similar family plan for six people that apple music offers for $15. In contrast, Spotify offers it for $16 and the same free trial period (3 months). Spotify has an ad-supported free tier you can use, which is its trump card. Which app’s features are more convenient in 2021?… Read more “Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is Best in 2021?”

Who Is Responsible for Data Security?

Did you know that each year the rate of cybercrime rises by 3%? Hackers are becoming smarter as days go by, making it hard for companies and consumers to protect personal and financial data. Companies and institutions need to make consent management by Ethyca for their clients. It is becoming a personal responsibility to protect your data. Companies are making it accessible to protect yourself online and your information. However, the government and other companies are making it easy to protect yourself online by creating awareness. Consumers… Read more “Who Is Responsible for Data Security?”

How to Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Post

Instagram has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. People are crazy after this social media application and creating great posts on Instagram has become the new norm. Almost everyone has an account on Instagram, and to be accepted in the friends’ circle and this world, it is crucial to have eye-catching posts. This is because nobody would pay heed to boring and bland posts. This guide is the solution to all such problems. Eye-catching caption… Read more “How to Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Post”